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We do turf differently.

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Eco Friendly Turf Management

Reduce Disease; Control Expenses

The soil microbe activity in Terreplenish has been shown to be effective in controlling dollar spot, pythium and other turf diseases. Terreplenish will make nitrogen more readily available to spur plant growth, enhance plant nutrition, and increase moisture retention.

Image by Azlan Baharudin

Builds Root Structure

As above so below, Terreplenish® dramatically strengthens root structure to naturally regenerate what harmful chemical practices have taken from the earth. 

Increases Grass Resilience

With a balanced soil microbiotic eco-system, grass grows more vigorously, often able to overcome the challenges from pests, drought, and disease.

Eliminates Fertilize Runoff

Terreplenish® contains nitrogen fixing bacteria, organic acids, and beneficial microbes that increase the soils water holding capacity by an average of 25%. The continued microbial activity also generates additional nutrients. Repeated delivery of diluted Terreplenish solution recharges the population of the microbes to ensure continued nutrient supply without any run-off.

Balances the Soils Microbiotic Ecosystem 

Repeated applications of diluted Terreplenish solution provides all of the essential microbes found in a healthy, natural soil without the chemicals. 4-8 gallons of Terreplenish annually will provide broad-based disease control, moisture retention and enhanced plant nutrition Terreplenish is safe for human and pet exposure immediately after use.

Reduces Irrigation Demands

Healthy soil microbial activity improves soil particle aggregation that then allows water to quickly penetrate deeper into the earth, thereby supporting improved water retention.

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