OMRI listed.

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Farmers: Reduce farming costs at scale

with the 275 Gallon Tote, which includes an easy-lift spigot for diluting. Proprietary blend nourishes up to 135 acres annually.

Small Growers: Bring your farm back to life naturally with the 2.5 Gallon Jug by regenerating roots one acre at a time. Proprietary blend nourishes

up to 1 acre annually. 

Gardeners: Bring vibrancy to your small garden and protect plants from disease with the 64oz Bottle. Proprietary blend can be used on vegetables, fruits, landscaping and lawn.

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OMRI-listed, a USDA BioBased® certified product,
and registered as a soil amendment in California.

Terreplenish® can be used for the most stringent organic
food production, as well as on land that is being transitioned into healthier soil. Using Terreplenish® flows right into the current farming practices, whether added to the soil or as a foliar spray.

Terreplenish® is a proprietary blend of live, beneficial microbes that rapidly restores agricultural soil to its natural, vibrant state, increasing yields and reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. This stabilized, high-energy concentrate is the only nitrogen-fixing formula made from recycled food scraps.

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