Customer Testimonials

CORN: healthier plants, increased yields

"We have been using Terreplenish on our conventional farms with great results going on 5 years now. Our plants are much healthier, and we have seen an increase in yields in just the first year. Terreplenish does everything a cover crop will do and more without the cost of added equipment and time."

– Roy Winnings, Illinois

"I've been using Terreplenish for more than 5 years on my grapes, I noticed a difference almost right away in the size of the fruit sets, even more significant is I haven't had powdery mildew or flea beetles since. " – Martha, Chicago

GRAPES: larger fruit, protection from disease

and insects

BROCCOLI: larger heads and healthier plants

"We applied a foliar treatment to our broccoli crop once a week for 6 weeks. We harvested the initial heads, and the treated area heads averaged 3.1 lbs., while the untreated area heads averaged 0.53 lb. Visually, there is a remarkable difference in the plant size and conformation. The Terreplenish treated area is equivalent to 4.65 tons per acre, definitely on the high side for organic production on a dry year, or any year." – C.D., Northern Illinois

TOMATOES: larger fruit, longer grow season

"I have been using Terreplenish for 6 years, and every year is better than the last. My tomatoes are larger and grow later into the year. One year I was still picking red tomatoes until November and I live in Chicago."

– Mark Iverson, Chicago

GRAPES: fighting powdery mildew

"I had an old grapevine that would flower and start to get fruit but always succumbed to powdery mildew before I could harvest fruit. I started spraying Terreplenish on the leaves once a week and the results were amazing. By the end of the summer, I had nice fruit to harvest and no signs of disease on the leaves. I started using it in my organic vegetable garden as well and have been very pleased with the results." – Robin Roy, Chicago

CANNABIS: 25-50% yield increase, vibrant plants  

"I use Terreplenish every other watering for my indoor grow operation. Since I started using this product two years ago, I have seen increase in yields of 25%- 50% (depending on the strain) and have green and happy plants. My grow receives organic nutrients in the first watering and  Terreplenish in the next. Regardless of growth stage, when transplanting, I always use Terreplenish." 

 – Koke, Michigan

HYDROPONICS: mold and mildew reduction, nitrogen supplement

"I never enter a grow room without Terreplenish. It is a great nitrogen fertilizer supplement, reduces mold and mildew, and helps bacteria build up in lines, keeping the growing media clean over a longer period." 

- Nick Greens, Steve Denenberg, Illinois.

CUCUMBERS: larger and sweeter

"We just harvested cucumbers that were treated with Terreplenish. They weigh more and taste sweeter. I am happy with this product and already preordered more to foliar feed more fields next year."

- Warren, Durham, CA