Terreplenish® nitrogen fixing soil microbes.

Recommended 4-6 gallons of concentrate per acre annually.

Application rates: 

Pre-plant: 7-10 days pre-plant- apply in-furrow at minimum dilution of 1:25,

Post-plant apply 1 part Terreplenish with 25 water via irrigation/ fertigation, boom sprayer, foliar spray with 500 micron sprayer.

Once diluted use immediately. Undiluted in sealed container is good for 12 months or once pH rises above 5.0.

Apply in low sun. 

Apply at least once a week for best results.

Terreplenish® is a special blend of free living, self-propagating beneficial microorganisms, nitrogen fixing bacteria.

OMRI listed for organic crop production without restrictions.

Terreplenish® Tote (275 Gallons)



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