How Terreplenish® Works

Beyond Sustainable, It’s Regenerative

Our mission is simple: help growers like you cultivate vibrant, fruitful plants naturally and without the use of chemicals while regenerating the earth for our grandchildren to thrive. 

Terreplenish is a chemical-free, natural blend of live, nitrogen-enriching microbes made from recycled food scraps that can be used on vegetables, fruits, landscaping, and lawns. Our microbe solution is proven to naturally improve soil and plant health and protect them from diseases and pests, helping you achieve your growing goals with peace of mind. Plus, it’s OMRI-listed for organic growing and is safe for children and pets. 

How does Terreplenish® work?

Dilute based on your needs.  

Then, choose your application method: spray bottle, garden hose sprayer, fogger, or bucket.

Apply to your vegetables, fruits and plants in low sun at least once per week for best results.

Sit back and relax as your plants and veggies flourish, year after year. 

What's Terreplenish® made of?

Living Microbes



Amino Acids

Liquid Media

Still have questions?

Watch this animated short to see the Terreplenish process start to finish 



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