Hemp & Cannabis

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  • Chemical-Free Microbial Solution

  • 60% Higher Yields

  • Reduce Disease Control Expenses

  • 10 day Earlier Harvest

What is Terreplenish®?

Every growing plant needs a tremendous amount of nitrogen. Terreplenish is a nitrogen-fixing, community of bacteria that has shown repeatedly to increase yields and protect plants against diseases, such as powdery mildew and bud mold. 

Terreplenish is made for the most stringent organic plant production.

How do I apply Terreplenish®?

Terreplenish is a concentrate of living microbes, perfectly designed for growing clean, green hemp and cannabis. Dilution should be one part Terreplenish to 25-50 parts water.

  • Fertigation

  • Overhead irrigation

  • Micro sprinklers

  • Drip

  • Fogger

  • Electrostatic sprayer

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How does it work?

Terreplenish is a consortium of live active microbes that outcompete harmful pathogens for their food source, starving them and inhibiting their growth. With an 18 month shelf life, Terreplenish does not require any changes to normal plant watering. Simply add Terreplenish every other watering.

Cannabis & Hemp: Terreplenish® Success Stories

See the results firsthand.


Michigan Indoor Grow Case Study:

Quicker yield with vibrant green color

"Medical cannabis plants were strong all the way through bloom! Pre-flowers showed in week two of bloom (6 days before untreated plant). New growth was dark green and vigorous! Week 7 plant started looking tired so checked trichomes to find them milky. Finished in 56 days. Buds were dense and frosty. No powdery mildew. Great for hemp fields too!" - Michigan Grower

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"I've been using Terreplenish for 5 years now in both veg (foliar spray) and bloom (soil drench). With Terreplenish, I have found my Cannabis to be vigorous and to withstand pests and disease. More importantly, my plants are finishing faster by about a week to 10 days. The product is much frostier and tested at 22% total cannabinoids" - KM, Michigan Medical Grower

Northern California Outdoor Grow:

Increase harvest while combating powdery mildew 

"After applying Terreplenish to our medical cannabis grow we saw a game changing improvement in our plants. Within days of application, our plants pushed through their problems and began to grow like a happy, healthy plant should. In fact, Terreplenish treated plants yielded 13.5Lbs versus an untreated control group that yielded 7.8Lbs. Furthermore, harvest weight and quality were remarkably superior to our last season's crops. By applying 10:1 Foliar application we were able to knock out powdery mildew that would have otherwise ruined our crop." - JJ Chico, CA


8' lader as reference