Fruits & Vegetables

Increase yields, save water & harvest early

with Terreplenish® soil microbes


A healthy soil ecosystem means

larger, healthier plants.

OMRI-listed, a USDA BioBased® certified product, and registered as a soil amendment in California, Terreplenish can be used for the most stringent organic food production, as well as on land that is being transitioned into healthier soil.

The vibrant colors indicate more nutrients available in plants.

Watch Terreplenish® eradicate powdery mildew in 12 hours!

Terreplenish is not a fungicide. It is a consortium of live active microbes that take away the food supply from harmful pathogens like powdery mildew and bud mold, inhibiting their growth. 


Blueberries are a specialty, small-fruit crop that can be grown successfully in many areas at many different scales. Cultivar choice, site selection and preparation are important to meet specific cultural requirements. 


Toxic chemical approaches have failed us from a cost/benefit perspective as well as with control. We feel strongly that the next iteration of agriculture is a biological approach to both crop production and crop protection. 


Most biological products today take the course of singulation of individual species of bacteria or fungi. However, microbes do not live in singular communities.


Terreplenish is a community of bacteria that live and work together, as nature intended.


Field Study Results: Green Beans

A trial was conducted on a green bean farm in Northern Illinois to evaluate the result that Terreplenish would have on crop as a foliar spray versus a control group that did not receive Terreplenish treatment. The trial evaluated yield, disease and insect resistance. 

Although plant height was similar in both plots, the treated plot had more uniformly mature beans that were plumper, accounting for an increase of 30.9% yield by weight over the untreated. Disease and insect pressure were absent in both treated and untreated plots. 

The Result