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Feed Earth Now, LLC

A fen is a unique ecosystem that nurtures bio-nutrient diversity and conserves water, as a necessary buffer between habitats that naturally siphons toxins.


Feed Earth Now, LLC is an accelerated composting technology company that creates Terreplenish® – an OMRI-approved concentrated soil regenerator and plant-growth enhancer – yielding similar effects as fen ecosystems.

Our company turns cost into profit at two points of environmental intervention:

  • Waste | Landfill Management

  • Soil Remediation | Water Conservation


At sites of waste management, FEN supplies a microbial additive to the liquid extracted from commercial fruit and vegetable waste, reducing composting time from 6 months to 10 days. FEN’s accelerated composting technology allows waste management facilities to eliminate the cost of toxic liquid waste disposal and generate revenue from the sale of the composted concentrate – Terreplenish®.


FEN brings additional community and environmental benefits of:

  • Green job creation

  • Landfill diversion

  • Soil erosion reduction

  • Greenhouse gas elimination

  • Transportation cost alleviation

Often referred to as “cover crop in a bottle,” Terreplenish® promotes biodiversity via soil remediation and plant-growth enhancement when applied to any vegetation. Terreplenish® achieves these results by:

  • Increasing speed of plant growth

  • Eliminating the need for fungicide and petrol fertilizers

  • Ensuring carbon sequestration in the soil

  • Aiding soil in nitrogen fixation

  • Boosting root density

  • Preventing run-off

  • Suppressing plant diseases (2).png (5).png (8).png


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