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Soil Regeneration with Terreplenish Living Microbes

Terreplenish® is an OMRI-approved concentrated

soil regenerator and plant-growth enhancer

 Terreplenish solves today's agricultural challenges. 

Increase yields with less water

Divert food waste from landfills

Reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizers

Fight plant disease

About Terreplenish

Terreplenish is the regenerative agriculture solution to the complex issues our
ecosystem faces today.


These living, native microbes, found naturally in the healthiest soils are created by combining next-gen science and technology with an ancient fermentation process.


The result is a proprietary, pathogen-free, nutrient enriching, and nitrogen-fixing microflora concentrate. 

Its soil-regenerating effects naturally improve soil and plant health, increase yields, and protect plants from diseases and pests.

Terreplenish is the only nitrogen-fixing product made from recycled food scraps, diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills. 

Terreplenish’s is OMRI-listed, a USDA BioBased® certified product, and registered as a soil amendment in California, allowing it to be used for the most stringent organic
food production.

Available in Bottle (64oz), Jug (2.5 gallon), Tote (275 gallon), and Tankers for large scale agriculture


The Impact of Live Microbes On Our Food Supply

Over generations, our soil has been depleted of its natural nutrients and biological balance, making it susceptible to disease and pests, and requiring more and more chemical applications. 

What's called for isn't just a sustainable solution, but a regenerative one. Organic farming may not be enough. Millions of acres of agricultural land needs to be restored to its natural healthy state.

Our national and global food supply depends on the natural biological regeneration of our soil: meaning, beneficial bacteria...

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