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Grow Better with Terreplenish®

Proven nitrogen-fixing results from our blend of proprietary
free-living nitrogen-fixing microbes. 

100% all natural and OMRI listed for organic use on: 

Terreplenish® Fights Harmful Diseases and Pathogens

Nitrogen-fixing begins immediately once applied. Over time, the nitrogen stays in the soil, compared to a traditional nitrogen fertilizer that washes away with rain water and contaminates waterways.

Terreplenish® works in three different ways to fight disease-causing pathogens: It stops harmful spores from germinating; it disrupts the cell membrane growth and inhibits the attachment of the pathogen to the leaf. Terreplenish® is not a fungicide.

Foliar-applied Terreplenish® prevents and treats soil and airborne pathogens in susceptible plant varieties. Our proprietary microbe formula controls pathogens like:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Downy mold 
  • Sclerotina (dollar spot)
  • Botrytis 
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